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X-S-HF1615 #1
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16v High Frequency Agm Intellicharger

XS POWER  |  Part# X-S-HF1615

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Microprocessor Controlled Three-Stage 16V Automatic Battery Charger
Three Stage Charging
Compatible with most Lead-acid Batteries including AGM
Automatic Computer Analysis/Auto Shutdown
6 foot Battery Cables
Internal Cooling Fan
Dimensions 8.3" x 4.7" x 2/3" (WxHxD)
The HF charger generates a low DC voltage and high DC current to the battery being charged. Operating the charger incorrectly or misusing it may damage the charger or create hazardous conditions for the user.
XS Power prides itself on providing high quality, high performance parts for those who are serious about the automotive industry.

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