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Q-F-HR-750 #1

Hot Rod 750 CFM Mech Secondary

QUICK FUEL  |  Part# Q-F-HR-750

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Quick Fuel's Hot Rod all aluminum caste carburetors offer a tremendous weight saving over conventional zinc carburetors. Each carburetor features a tumble polished finish for corrosion protection and a long-lasting shine. Available with mechanical or vacuum secondaries and are hand assembled with non-stick gaskets and engine tested in the USA.

Benefits and Features:

  • Full Round Shaft with new serviceable lever
  • Quick Set electric choke on all models with one wire hookup
  • Quick Set sight glass built into each fuel bowl - no messy float adjustments
  • High flow needle and seat assemblies
  • Revolutionary cast metering block design features screw-in idle feed restrictions, four-door power valve, large headed stainless-steel mixture screws, and 4-corner idle
  • Main bodies feature screw-in air bleeds - no drilling required to tune your carburetor
  • Throttle bodies feature necessary vacuum ports for street use - 2 timed spark ports for vacuum advance - one in the metering block and one in the throttle body - PCV/Power brake port, and power valve blow-out protection

Take precise control of your air/fuel system with advanced carburetors and components from Quick Fuel Technology. No other carburetors let you adjust, tune, and customize as many aspects of fuel delivery. Each is equipped with CNC-machined billet aluminum metering blocks and baseplates, plus performance features like lengthened fuel bowls, reinforced positive throttle stops, and the special Fuel Chute delivery system for reduced aeration and better control. Quick Fuel also designs and manufactures components like metering blocks, accelerator pumps, air bleeds, pump cams, jets, gaskets, and more, all made to the same exacting tolerances as Quick Fuel carbs

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