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Black Dominator Nose


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Our innovative new Dominator Dirt Nose & Flare design is truly cutting-edge; a new standard in the racing industry! Not only do they look awesome, but the integrated air-flow tunnel effect maximizes downforce by directing air over the nose and across the hood and deck of your car. Dominator Flares tuck under the nosepiece for a seamless fit. Triangular braces molded into the lower nose add strength for those nights when there's a big cushion. The 2-piece Lower Nose Support strengthens things even more. Installation is quick & easy, with assembly done off the car before fitting onto the chassis. Available in 5 colors. May not be legal in every series. Check with your sanctioning body/series before ordering.
When you start putting the Dominator nose/flares together you need to do it off the car - the flare & nose fit like a glove to each other, bolt/rivet the two pieces together left & right sides - then attach them in the center / you can angle cut the right nose piece in the center to help with putting it into the car.
The height of your front fender should be 37" high & center of hub to the tip front nose needs to be 52" for the best fit. The ground clearance should be set from the top of the air dam not the bottom of it. You can trim the lower air dam on a angle to the right side of the car. Ground clearance of 6-9" can be made.
If the fenders are short like Rayburn builds - 35" the nose will be very low to the ground - with a 52" hub to tip. - You need to make the front end shorter - 50" - 49" every car is different.

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