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MOR-97005 #1

Alum Oil Pan Bottom Plugs 6-PK


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3/4" with -16 thread with O-Ring
Replacement for Moroso Oil Pans with kicked-out designs
6 Per Package
Notched for clearance of the servo and Rack and Pinion.
Innovative multi-scraper windage system uses two strategically placed scrapers to strip oil quickly from the rotating assembly, reducing windage for increased power.
Each scraper can be trimmed to match specific crank and rod combinations, maximizing its ability to reduce windage.
Full length power kickout provides an "escape route" for oil leaving rotating assembly to reduce windage and increase power.
Wire cloth windage tray screen directs oil into sump area without allowing it to splash back onto the rotating assembly
Clears all aftermarket 4-bolt main caps
Investment cast end caps provide extremely tight tolerances to eliminate annoying leaks.
Three -12AN male pickup fittings on passenger side.
Use with reverse-mount starters.
This pan has clearance for stroker cranks and has enough material in the pan rails for added clearance if necessary.

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