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Q-F-Q-750-CT #1

Circle Track Gas Carb 750 CFM

QUICK FUEL  |  Part# Q-F-Q-750-CT

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PROFORM® High-Flow Main Body - Larger sizes are secondary hard tool machined to exacting specifications to provide "real world" venturi/throttle bore combination, for throttle response and maximum wide open air flow. Screw-in air bleeds enable fine tuning of both the idle and high speed systems.

Billet Metering Blocks - CNC Machined w/ 4-stage emulsion provide more precise fuel metering, improved throttle response and a more uniform fuel performance curve.

Billet Throttle Body - QFT® throttle bodies CNC machined to exacting tolerances and provide exceptional strength. Slabbed Teflon® coated throttle shafts are assembled with Teflon® ribbon bearings, low-profile button head throttle plate screws results in maximun air flow with minimal throttle effort.

Adjustable Secondaries - All mechanical secondary carburetors have an adjustable secondary idle speed bracket. This allows fine tuning of the secondary throttle position for improved idle quality. See the Adjustable Secondary Cam Bracket. Vacuum secondary carburetors feature QFT®'s billet adjustable vacuum secondary diaphragm housing.

QFT® Fuel Bowl - All new for 2006, QFT®'s aluminum fuel bowl. This new die cast piece combines strength with weight reduction. Using conventional hardware and service components the QFT®'s aluminum fuel bowl features dual threaded fuel inlets, dual sight glass for convenient float level setting. An additional 2 threads of fuel bowl screw engagement reduces the possibility of striping threads out of the main body, and all too common problem. Dedicated for specific applications ensure optimum carburetor performance characteristics without having to purchase additional upgrade components.
Take precise control of your air/fuel system with advanced carburetors and components from Quick Fuel Technology. No other carburetors let you adjust, tune, and customize as many aspects of fuel delivery. Each is equipped with CNC-machined billet aluminum metering blocks and baseplates, plus performance features like lengthened fuel bowls, reinforced positive throttle stops, and the special Fuel Chute delivery system for reduced aeration and better control. Quick Fuel also designs and manufactures components like metering blocks, accelerator pumps, air bleeds, pump cams, jets, gaskets, and more, all made to the same exacting tolerances as Quick Fuel carbs

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