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Q-F-Q-750-CT #1

Circle Track Gas Carb 750 CFM

QUICK FUEL  |  Part# Q-F-Q-750-CT

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PROFORM® High-Flow Main Body - Larger sizes are secondary hard tool machined to exacting specifications to provide "real world" venturi/throttle bore combination, for throttle response and maximum wide open air flow. Screw-in air bleeds enable fine tuning of both the idle and high speed systems.

Billet Metering Blocks - CNC Machined w/ 4-stage emulsion provide more precise fuel metering, improved throttle response and a more uniform fuel performance curve.

Billet Throttle Body - QFT® throttle bodies CNC machined to exacting tolerances and provide exceptional strength. Slabbed Teflon® coated throttle shafts are assembled with Teflon® ribbon bearings, low-profile button head throttle plate screws results in maximun air flow with minimal throttle effort.

Adjustable Secondaries - All mechanical secondary carburetors have an adjustable secondary idle speed bracket. This allows fine tuning of the secondary throttle position for improved idle quality. See the Adjustable Secondar

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