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PRO-52021 #1

SBC Satin Typhoon Intake RPM 1500-6500


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For 23° Heads 1957-1995 Small Block Chevy V8
The Power+Plus Typhoon Manifold is a high performance dual plane, 180° street manifold designed to be used with Holley, Carter AFB, or Edelbrock square bore carbs. For street applications use 600-700 cfm vacuum secondary carbs. For high performance street, use 700- 800 cfm double pumper carburetors. This manifold produces power comparable to some single plane manifolds yet retains the throttle response and drive ability typical of a dual plane. This manifold also features cast-in nitrous bosses with water outlets at all four corners plus dual distributor hold downs. This manifold is .70-inches taller than the #52000 or #52001. It has a provision to add an oil fill tube. No provision for exhaust heated or stock style chokes. Accepts late model water neck, A/C, alternator, and HEI. Will fit cast iron bow tie heads and 1987-1995 cast iron or aluminum heads. Will not fit under a stock Vette hood.

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