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JGO-02106 #1

HR 15W-50 High Zinc Petroleum Hot Rod Oil


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Designed Specifically For Hot Rods and Classic Vehicles
Well suited for a variety of hot rods, muscle cars and vintage vehicles. This oil is an excellent choice for big block muscle cars, blown street rods and engines with original seals. Features storage protection additives that guard against rust and corrosion during winter storage. Good for flat tappet, overhead and roller cam engines. No ZDDP or additives required. Viscosity typical of 15W-50. Formerly referred to as HR1.
Driven XP1, XP2, XP3, XP6, XP9 and XP0 Racing Oils are based on the same lubricant technology and are completely compatible. As a result, these products can be blended. Also available by the case.

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