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KLO-BC-172 #1

Benol Pure Racing Castor Qt.


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The ultimate in 2-stroke lubrication protection and performance is the choice of serious racers. Degummed and extra fortified for maximum reliability. BENOL® provides twice the film strength and load carrying capacity over conventional castor oils. Klotz BENOL® will challenge and outrun the competition in the following ways
  • Ultimate in lubrication protection and performance
  • Fortified Film Strength and Anti-Scuff protection
  • Extreme Load Carrying Capacity engineered to eliminate engine wear
  • Clean Burn™ Technology reduces carbon and residue build-up
  • De-gummed formula reduces ring sticking
  • Contains familiar Klotz Red for easy mixing and castor racy odor
  • Contains seal conditioners and preservatives

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