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14"x 5" Blue R2c Late Model Prefilter


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Fits Late Model R2C 5" Filter
High Performance/Competition Series Filters
Offering uncompromising performance and unmatched engine protection in high performance street or race applications, the R2C 14" round filters deliver the lowest restriction levels and most horsepower over the entire life of the filter. Patent pending and proprietary R2C PowerFlow technology finally ends the reliance on poor performing cotton gauze filters.
  • Patented PowerFlow media provides more horsepower and torque over the entire life of the filter!
  • Unmatched Engine Protection
  • No oiling required!
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Simple to clean using low pressure compressed air
  • While fully washable, R2C synthetic filters are simple to clean and maintain at the track using low pressure (40-60PSI) compressed air. Just blow them clean and they’re race ready. Rely on R2C for the longest lasting, best performing filters in the business!
Brand New Design!- Features 2 soft

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