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ATL-SP128-LM #1

28 Gallon Black Widow Wedge Cell W/FOAM


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All fuel compatible, fuel forward design.
Designed to fit any chassis - dirt late models and dirt modifieds!
The container is constructed of 20 gauge steel, powder coated matte black.
The bladder is FIA FT3 approved molded "hard-rubber" all-fuel bladder, crash-resistant and deformable, with composite nut-ring installed.
Fully foam baffled for anti-slosh and explosion suppression.
The fill plate is anodized aluminum featuring billet aluminum twist cap with flap-type roll-over valve, (1) #10 outlet bulkhead fitting, (1) #6 vent-check roll-over valve, (1) #8 return, and (1) #6 dipstick.
The fuel pick up is "rigid-flex" alky-tube pick-up hose to right rear corner stays in place with or without foam.
28 Gallon, 105 Liters, 21.25" L, 24.00" W, 21.13" H, Weight 42 lbs, Outliet size #10, Top Load

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