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USB-2011-1512 #1

Master Cylinder 3/4" Bore

U S BRAKE  |  Part# USB-2011-1512

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With a one-piece design that incorporates a high-capacity reservoir and precisely machined / polished cylinder bore, the new design makes efficient use of space and materials.
  • External return spring maintains positive pedal feel and helps prolong pad life by ensuring quick reaction to released pedal force
  • Precise-fitting lid held firmly in place by heavy gauge retainer
  • Slim design rubber boot allows easy installation into most pedal assemblies
  • Unique, built-in minimum and maximum fill tabs are easy to read and make quick work of checking fluid even in dark pit areas
  • Common dual-mounting bolt patterns for most racing applications
  • Models come in 3/4", 7/8", and 1" bores
  • Designed for standard 1/8" fittings for easy replacement

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