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CAN-11-120 #1

7" Small Block Chevy Pre 1980 W/LEFT Side Dip Stick. 8 Quart Capacity


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8 Quart Capacity
6 trapdoors and 3 runners
bolt in slosh baffle with new way screen windage tray with built in scraper.
Oil level check, temp fitting, magnetic rain plug
STYLE: Most versatile and popular Left Turn wet sump. Fits front steer chassis with both aftermarket and Camaro front ends. Fits other chassis when the engine is moved.
SIZE: 7" Deep, 15" Wide, 12" Long sump has an 8 quart system capacity.
FEATURES: Competition baffling with 6-Trap doors and 3-runners, bolt in slosh baffle, and windage tray with scrape, oil level check, temp. fitting, and magnetic drain plug.
STARTER: Works with all starter flywheel combinations

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