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SPD-1-147-013 #1

Victor Style SBC Intake Satin


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The Speedmaster Shootout Intake Manifold is available for the standard 23" cylinder heads. This manifold, despite being a racing model, is very affordable and also produces more power and torque than competitive models and uses less fuel doing so, which means it is a very efficient manifold. This manifold is lower priced and more than suitable for many racing applications, particularly in claimer type classes where it is important to keep engine costs low. Features include nitrous bosses, dual distributor holddowns, four corner water ports plus a fifth pipe tapped water outlet in the front of the manifold. This manifold, unlike its competitors, will also fit 1987-1995 angle bolt heads.
Engine Block Style: Stock/OEM standard deck
Style: Single plane
Basic Operating RPM Range: 3,000-7,500
Height: 6.060 in.
Material: Aluminum
Finish: Natural
Notes: Includes bushings for 1987-95 iron heads. Check hood clearance before installing.

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