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HYP-1201PO-XP-1000-1 #1
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Polaris 17-18 RZR Xp1000 & 2018 XPT

HYPERCO SPRINGS  |  Part# HYP-1201PO-XP-1000-1

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Hyperco's line of UTV Performance Spring Kits will boost your UTV or Side-by-Side to the next level. Designed to improve the overall ride quality and performance of your vehicle, these kits feature the race winning and trail dominating spring technology that Hyperco is known for. Each kit comes with the Hypercoil springs and hardware components (crossover nuts and sliders) needed for a complete suspension spring upgrade. Hyperco products are engineered, manufactured, and tested in the USA.

Benefits of Hyperco UTV Performance Spring Kits

  • More deflection for a smoother, more consistent ride with the ability to handle more weight
  • Less weight for an increased efficiency in movement and response time
  • Increased rate linearity for a controlled, more predictable, thus safer ride
  • More resistance to bowing for less friction and wear for an enhanced shock life
  • Maintained free length and installed height (the springs won’t sag over time) for a consistent vehicle height and ground clearance

Contais 8 Coil-Over Springs, Crossover Rings and Spring Slider for Polaris XPT, Fits Stock Walker Evans

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