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SPY-SF1440 #1
SPY-SF1440 #2

Pro Dirt 14" Diameter X 4" Tall Filter Element


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Every Spyder dirt racing filter is designed with a strong inner and outer screen that protects the filter media in the event of impact from debris. In addition, our filters also feature an inner mesh safety barrier that is pleated and potted into the urethane along with the media. This safety mesh mitigates the chance that impact damage may allow dust leakage and potentially expensive engine damage to occur.

  • Each Spyder dirt car filter features soft, two-stage sealing beads that ensure that the filters seal tight against the base and lid.
  • Our filters are reusable and long-lasting. While fully washable using mild detergents, you can restore your filter to near-new condition each time in only minutes using compressed air directed from inside-out.
  • High Performance Media Design
  • Ideal for race applications to 1200 HP
  • Unmatched Engine protection
  • Dust-Free - Guarantee!
  • Quick & Simple Maintenance - washable, compressed air cleaned

Spyder Filters - The best performance and value in dirt car racing!

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