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FLU-712440-003 #1

7" BB Chevy Internal Balance

FLUIDAMPR  |  Part# FLU-712440-003

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The Harmonic Damper Provides Maximum Control of Destructive Crankshaft Vibration at All Engine Speeds - Fluidampr is amplitude sensitive, so it responds to the intensity of vibration regardless of the frequency, unlike any other aftermarket damper available
Extends Crankshaft and Bearing Life - Fluidampr reduces harmonic vibration for reduced wear on the main journals and main bearings
Increases Horsepower and Torque - Reduced crankshaft vibration eliminates spark scatter and large variations in crank timing, so the engine can release trapped power
Requires No Service or Maintenance - Fluidampr's inertia ring and silicone fluid are hermetically sealed inside a laser welded, steel billet or forged housing
Improves Valve Timing Accuracy and Ignition Stability - Fluidampr reduces the torsional vibration that can be transferred to the camshaft through the timing chain, gear, or belt.

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