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HTC-38137H12 #1

Left Rear 90 X 15 X 15 H12


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Tire Details

  • Tire Type: Winged Sprint Racing Tires
  • Tire Size: 15.0/90.0-15
  • Tread Pattern: Large Checkerboard
  • Tread Width: 15
  • Approx. Diameter: 28.5
  • Approx. Circumference: 90
  • Recommended Rim Width: 14-15
  • Measured Rim Width: 15
  • Section Width: 18
  • Tire Compound: H12
  • Other Notes: 6 PSI Recommended

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#NOTE: Due to the Hoosier Tire Distributor Policy, we can only ship this tire to the Hoosier Tire Ohio Valley Region of WV, Southern OH and Eastern KY.

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